1What does it mean I can customize my rug?

You can customize any of the rugs in our collection based on your preferences and can make your choice of size, pick from our 600 colors palette and combine any of the following natural materials: Tibetan wool, Chinese silk or Hemp.

2How long does my order take?

A typical order of a custom made rug starts from 14 weeks. This may increase depending on various factors such as the size of the rug. 

3Where are the rugs made?

Our rugs are designed in Romania and hand made in Nepal.

4Where can I see Atelier Kairos rugs?

We exhibit our rugs in various galleries, please reach out at hello@atelierkairos.com for more details.

5What are the prices of Atelier Kairos Rugs

All our rugs are custom made. This means that the price is dependent on the size and materials you choose. Please reach out for a quote at hello@atelierkairos.com